January-February 2016 | HEALTHY HABITS

Scott Schwartz of Plus One Fitness



Scott Schwartz of Plus One Fitness explains how getting a better, healthier body is really all in the mind

If I had to make a list of the top-10 issues people have with starting a new program, finding the time for exercise would definitely be at the top of the list. But if you are looking to find some spare time when you can fit exercise in, forget about it. We are living in the early part of the 21st century. No one has spare time. It is like “spare money.” You can choose to budget money and time any way you want, but none of it is extra; none of it is spare.

Time is the great equalizer. The poorest person on the planet and the richest have exactly the same amount of it: 24 hours per day. Instead let’s talk about developing a budget and about creating your life the way that you want it to be. Nothing is more important than your personal health and wellbeing. So let us dispel the notion of “I can’t find the time.” The problem is not one of time; it is one of habit development. It is about taking something that you are not used to doing — exercise — and turning it into something you are not used to doing without. Work on the plan for habit acquisition, and believe me, time will take care of itself.

No one likes to fail. Continuous failure to accomplish desired goals leads to disappointment and cessation of attempts to achieve success. And that is what most people have done with their exercise programs. Exercising may not have immediate results or cause the results we are looking for fast enough, so we tend to get frustrated and give up. But what you really need to do is get into a habit-building mode, not a “How much exercise did I do?” mode. In the beginning, it is not important how much exercise you do.

What is important is that you exercise consistently. That is how a habit is successfully learned. What you are really trying to do is condition your subconscious. You want to trick you subconscious into always thinking of the “win” situation for you. Maybe for you, right now, that means exercising 20 minutes a day. That is great. Your conscious mind may be saying, Twenty minutes a day cannot possibly be making a difference. But that is a mistake. Every little bit helps. What makes the difference — and the most important difference of all — is that you kept your word to yourself. It may not seem like much, but on a subconscious level, you are learning the most valuable lesson in habit development: You are learning to believe your own words. You are learning to believe that when you say you are doing something, it happens. And that is truly the secret to starting a successful exercise program.



Editor's note: On February 27, 2016, Scott Schwartz passed away. We will miss him dearly. Our heartfelt wishes are extended to his loving family, friends and Plus One Fitness clients. Rest In Peace, Scott.


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