January-February 2014 | STARTING WITH THE "BE"



CrossFit Ocean City owner Kelly Rakow knows how to make those pesky New Year’s resolutions pay off well beyond February

As the New Year gets underway, many of us contemplate our flaws, faults, poor lifestyle habits and failed attempts, vowing to make this year different. While we all know New Year’s resolutions are far easier to make than keep, that doesn’t stop us from creating a list of to-dos that will somehow give us healthier, happier and more productive lives. 
The problem with resolutions is they only address one level of your life — the DO level. It suggests that if you “DO,” then you will “HAVE.” For instance: “If I exercise and lose weight (DO), I will be happy (HAVE).” 
Most New Year’s resolutions don’t address the core of change, which is the “BE” level.  The best way to elicit lasting change beyond February is to begin with the “BE” level. In turn, this will determine what you need to DO in order to ultimately HAVE what you really desire.  
Let’s make a pact that 2014 is the year we no longer make resolutions. Instead, let’s get to the heart of who we are and strive to “BECOME.” 
Years ago, I began to challenge clients to dump their resolutions and, instead, choose a word that resonated with them. Their Word of the Year becomes a guiding light, calling them to action in all areas of their lives. It is amazing how much more action people take as a result of pursuing becoming rather than checking off a to-do list. Using their word, I’ve seen people become healthier, fit, successful, focused, peaceful, adventuresome, free and much, much more. Here’s an example of the Word of the Year at work: Let’s say you are one of the millions of people who would normally choose to lose weight. You are tired of feeling sluggish. Your clothes don’t fit well anymore. Your doctor recently expressed some health concerns. So you say, “Okay, the time is now. I need to lose weight. That’s my resolution.” 
Instead of a resolution, how about our new approach?  
What do you ultimately want to HAVE? A lean body? A good night’s sleep? A medication-free life? What’s 
underneath those unwanted pounds? They didn’t arrive overnight. Is it stress? Lack of exercise? A health condition? 
Ponder these questions for a few days. 
See if a word pops in your head that captures what you really, really want to HAVE and what you want to BECOME in the process. 
Perhaps a “YES!” moment occurs and you realize your health deteriorated as a result of years and years of putting others’ needs first. As you sit with this thought, it becomes scary to think about addressing your needs as a priority over others. That would require doing things differently. Suddenly, you think, I want to HAVE health but to get it, I need to be courageous and to DO things differently.” 
This is positive change in the making! 
Every time you make a decision regarding your health and well-being, the word “courage” is right there, prompting you to make the best possible choice. Courage will help you seek out a new workout partner or program. Courage will nudge you toward a new way of eating that supports greater health. Courage will show up and guide you toward new ways of supporting others so that you don’t have to sacrifice your own health. In this scenario, “courage” is the Word of the Year. 
Throughout the year, courage will guide your steps toward change every day. Before long, better health will be yours for the keeping. 
Now it’s your turn.  
What do you really, really want to 
What do you want to BE? 
What will you DO? 
What word will light your path this  
How to Choose a Word 
There are so many to choose from. Many people know immediately what word will work for them. For others, contemplation and consideration will come into play. Selecting a Word of the Year will empower you to gain control of your choices and actions. Ultimately, a powerful Word of the Year will guide you toward becoming your New Year’s resolution.  

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