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As Dr. James Crouse knows, there's more to Invisalign than meets the eye; optimal results require substantial training and experience

By now, we’ve all heard of Invisalign, that groundbreaking technique to straighten teeth without the look of metal braces that are typically associated with orthodontic treatment. But did you know that there is more to straightening teeth with Invisalign than meets (or doesn’t meet, actually, since it’s practically invisible) the eye? The reality is, Invisalign does not guarantee equally good results for all patients; your experience and results depend on the training and experience of the doctor providing the treatment.
Just as you can’t put someone who just got their driver’s license behind the wheel of a stock car and expect them to win the Daytona 500, neither can you expect great results from Invisalign without an expert administering the process. Dr. James Crouse of Salisbury is just such an expert.
A native of the Eastern Shore, Dr. Crouse graduated with honors from the University of Maryland Dental School before joining the Air Force, where he completed a general-practice residency. After three years in practice, the Air Force sent him to the prestigious Emory University in Atlanta, where he trained as an orthodontist. This is important because an orthodontist is a dentist who has had two to three years of additional schooling to become an expert in this type of treatment. Dr. Crouse returned home to Salisbury to go into private practice in 1994 and began using Invisalign in 2000, one year after it debuted on the market. Since then, Dr. Crouse has treated over 700 patients with Invisalign.
“My treatment has been awesome; I can see the change in my teeth, “said Courtney Whitaker of Pasadena, Md. “I love my Invisalign. The staff [at Dr. Crouse’s office] is also awesome and totally involved. I enjoy coming here even though it’s two hours from my house. It’s definitely worth the drive!”
According to Dr. Crouse — who has the distinction of being an Invisalign Elite Premier Provider, which places him among the top 5% of orthodontists in North America — Invisalign involves much more than taking molds of the teeth and fabricating trays. There is a sizeable amount of feedback that must take place between the Invisalign technicians and the doctor.
“I look at the final alignment, as well as how fast teeth are moved, what attachments are needed, tooth size and the patient’s bite,” Dr. Crouse said. “These things are important if you want a great result. Orthodontic treatment, whether it is with traditional braces or clear aligners, is still orthodontic treatment, and, unfortunately, not all orthodontists are proficient with Invisalign.”
“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Crouse for a year and a half now and have been so happy with his high level of professionalism, efficiency, accuracy and attention to detail,” offered Dasha Peipon of Salisbury. “I’m usually done with my appointments in 20 to 30 minutes, and being a busy mom, I do not take that for granted. I also love how attentive and friendly the staff are, and the superb technology and medical equipment definitely deserve 10 stars. I would highly recommend Dr. Crouse to anyone interested in high-quality orthodontic care and excellent results.”
A key part of that state-of-the-art technology that Peipon referred to comes in the form of Dr. Crouse’s iTero Intra-Oral Digital Scanner. Recently featured on CBS’ The Doctors, the iTero digital scanner supersedes the “goopy” alginate impressions that most of us grew up with. In fact, the iTero scanner is so far superior to traditional impressions, a 2011 study conducted by Invisalign found that there were 10 times fewer rejections and seven times fewer fit issues with iTero than the traditional molds. Moreover, The Brace Place was the first practice on the Eastern Shore to use the iTero.
Invisalign treatment is similar in cost to traditional braces yet offers shorter treatment time in some cases. In the right hands, according to Dr. Crouse, Invisalign is a technique that can treat virtually any orthodontic problem.

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