Regina Kundell, MSN, CRNP, BC-ADM, Joan Parambi, MD and Jack Snitzer, DO of Peninsula Regional Endocrinology



Jack L. Snitzer, DO; Joan A. Parambi, MD; Regina Kundell, MSN, CRNP, BC-ADM
A Part of Peninsula Regional Medical Group
1415 S. Division Street, Suite A
Salisbury, MD 21804
How can I improve my diabetes?
Work with your family doctor, endocrinologist and other specialists, such as the PRMC Diabetes-Education department, including the Certified Diabetes Educators and nutritionists. Diabetes education classes and Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) can help. It’s very important to take your medications as directed. Check your blood sugars at home and log them; call your medical provider regularly if your blood sugar target range is not where it should be. It is easy to become frustrated or overwhelmed with managing diabetes, but keep doing the best you can, with the advice of the professionals who are here to guide you.
Are there new breakthroughs in diabetes that I should know about?
The understanding and treatment of diabetes is growing rapidly. Many pills and injections are available. Insulin is becoming easier to give with such technology as insulin pens and insulin pumps. Continuous glucose sensors (small wires inserted under the skin) can monitor your blood sugar every five minutes. Smartphone apps are even available to help with diabetes and diet management. There is a lot of research going on in finding out what really causes diabetes and its complications, and how to stop it from occurring. We are diagnosing people with diabetes a lot earlier, hopefully preventing the development of some complications. 
What is endocrinology and what conditions besides diabetes does your practice treat?
Endocrinology is a specialty that diagnoses and treats conditions, relating to various hormone-producing glands or organs in the body. Along with expertise in the management of diabetes, we treat thyroid conditions and abnormal lipid levels in the blood, as well as osteoporosis, parathyroid conditions and sodium disorders. In addition, some patients need our help with conditions affecting the pituitary gland in the brain and the adrenal glands in the abdomen. We coordinate our efforts to diagnose, treat and manage these conditions along with your primary care provider.
About Peninsula Regional Diabetes & Endocrinology and the Peninsula Regional Medical Group
Peninsula Regional Endocrinology provides comprehensive endocrine care as part of the Peninsula Regional Medical Group. The Medical Group has established a network of more than 70 providers in many specialties as well as family-medicine physicians spanning the Peninsula Regional service area. In addition to Peninsula Regional Endocrinology, the Peninsula Regional Medical Group includes specialists in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, gastrointestinal medicine, pulmonology, neurosurgery, occupational health & urgent care, oncology and hematology, and hospitalists who see patients in the medical center. Family-medicine practices are located in Dagsboro (soon to move to Millsboro), Laurel, Fenwick Island and Ocean View, Delaware; Ocean Pines, Berlin and Snow Hill, Maryland; and Chincoteague, Virginia. For additional information on any of the Peninsula Regional Medical Group practices, visit www.peninsula.org/PRMG.

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