January-February 2013 | SEEING CLEARLY




With products like ClarVista and ShowerGuard, Charles Brown Glass Co. can help make your bathroom as low-maintenance as it is beautiful

Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: STEPHEN CHERRY

Charles Brown Glass Co. was launched from humble beginnings by Charles Brown Sr. on April Fool’s Day of 1959. Despite prodigious growth over the years, it remains as the most trusted business of its kind in the region for a variety of reasons. One such reason is its well-earned reputation for uncommon reliability and industry-leading craftsmanship. Another is because the company has stayed true to its founding principles, having remained in the family for its entire existence, now three generations strong. 
The glazier of choice for thousands of homeowners with the most humble needs up to and including such high-profile 
institutions as PRMC, Salisbury University, Wor-Wic, Chesapeake College, The Fountains, The Ward Museum and the 
Salisbury Fire Department, Charles Brown Glass Co offers a variety of products and services for clients of all sizes.
One such product that’s getting all kinds of great reviews is called ShowerGuard, and it seems to be the answer for all of those people who want their glass staying permanently beautiful without having to be enslaved by maintenance.
“ShowerGuard is manufactured by Guardian and has become a very popular product for the shower-enclosure 
industry — especially for customers with homes by the beach,” offered Dave Brown, a third-generation Brown-family employee who functions as a shower enclosure and mirror specialist. “It has a special coating applied to the glass during float process that repels soap scum, water build-up and other residue. The result is a glass that not only looks and ages better but also requires significantly less maintenance than typical shower glass.” 
Charles Brown Glass is a registered dealer for ShowerGuard, which is also available in a white-out-style satin-deco format and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. For those who are obsessive about clarity, Charles Brown Glass also provides state-of-the-art low-iron glass, which can be had either as part of a ShowerGuard application or as part of PPG’s ClarVista product. ClarVista boasts the same crystal clarity of Guardian’s ShowerGuard but offers clear edges for that opulent look of seamlessness.
Meanwhile, Charles Brown Glass Co. has experts on green technology who are ready to answer all your questions about things like insulated glazing, thermally broken aluminum, low-E glazing and argon-infused insulated glass. Arrange for a free consultation, or visit their showroom in Salisbury.

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