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Ryan Goodwin of Impact Home Technology



Ryan Goodwin of Impact Home Technology has earned an exceptional reputation for enhancing and simplifying his customers’ lifestyles

Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: Stephen Cherry and Grant L. Gursky

The 10 years Ryan Goodwin spent managing one of the nation’s largest big-box electronics retailers proved to be time exceptionally well spent. During that stint, he learned firsthand not only what not to do but was also able to discern the critical gaps in service that usually wound up compromising overall consumer satisfaction. That’s why he launched Impact Home Technology in 2005, so that he could fill those gaps in order to deliver complete customer satisfaction in ways the national electronics giants never could.
The community responded well to Goodwin’s business plan from pretty much the start. They liked the way he listened so attentively to their needs, the work ethic he showed by getting the job done right and on time, and the way he followed up with them after the job was done to make sure they were completely satisfied and to answer any questions they may have had. Pretty soon, though, Goodwin’s young business grew too large to maintain the level of customer care on which he’d founded it in the first place. He knew he had to expand, but he also knew that getting the right people wasn’t going to be easy.
“I didn’t just ‘hire’ people to work here,” Goodwin shared from his showroom in West Ocean City, “I actually scouted and recruited them over a long period of time, as if they were peak athletes for a professional sports team. I went after the best people in this region, and I paid them extra well so that it was clear I was offering them a serious career opportunity, not just a job. The result is a level of expertise and dedication that’s way beyond what you would ever find at a big-box store.”
“We love our new theater room!” proclaimed Jim and Janice Hudson of West Ocean City. “My husband and I were very impressed with the professionalism that Impact brought to the table, but we also liked the personalized features that made our room one of a kind. We didn’t realize there was a company in the area so up-to-date on all this technology. Our room was transformed from a place that was never used to a place we can’t wait to sit in every day. The equipment and lighting are so easy — everything is on one remote! We were very happy with every step of the process, and we recommend Impact Home Technology to all of our friends.”
Usually, when people go to shop for electronics, they see row after row of components and equipment lined up like soldiers in a battalion, which doesn’t even remotely resemble what it all will look like when installed in their own space. At Impact, a member of Ryan’s select team will come to your home and personally evaluate your space in order to make a realistic analysis of what the possibilities are and how everything will ultimately fit together.
“I think that seeing the job all the way through,” said Goodwin, “from the initial interview, through the installation process, down to the detailed demonstration after everything is ready to go, is an essential — make that the essential — aspect of making sure the customer achieves the goals they came in with in the first place.”
To facilitate those same goals, Goodwin designed his premises to offer a panoramic array of real-life domestic settings in which prospective clients may, if they wish, come and relax while imagining the endless possibilities for their own homes. 
In the formal living room, for example, Impact displays a flat-screen TV behind an amazing two-way mirror (which, Goodwin adds, can’t be found anywhere else in the area) flanked by an incredible trio of “invisible” in-wall speakers that must be (not) seen to be believed, along with a Lutron silent automated-shade system with privacy feature. There is also the great room, which boasts a stacked-stone fireplace under another flat-screen, with in-ceiling surround-sound speakers and a comfy microfiber reclining loveseat. The rec room/media room, meanwhile, is a close cousin of the classic man cave and sports NFL football helmets beneath one of the largest flat-screen TVs available on the market, complemented by tower speakers and matching leather recliners. The unequivocal pièce de résistance, however, is the theater room. This grand space lords a practically oceanic 100” 3-D projection-screen setup with flush-mounted, wood-framed, columned speakers in addition to two rows of leather recliners — which include hidden sound sensors that create what is essentially a tactile fourth-dimensional viewing experience — plush sound-dampening fabric on the walls, custom lighting and even a popcorn maker. Once you’re in it, you may never want to leave it.
But there’s even more. Impact has created a special bath-space venue, which conceals a flat-screen TV behind one of those two-way mirrors in addition to invisible ceiling speakers. Last but not least, the staff at Impact are well aware that people are doing more entertaining outdoors than ever before, which is why they created what is arguably the most unique display with their realistic outdoor entertaining area. It comes complete with things like vinyl shingle siding on the walls and stone pavers on the floor. The creative simulation suggests cunning strategies for sound placement with things such as faux-stone speakers and terra cotta planter speakers that will keep your guests scratching their heads trying to figure out where that incredible sound is coming from.
But being a client of Impact also means building a potentially lifelong relationship, so don’t think you’ll be abandoned once your system is in place. Each client gets a detailed orientation, for as long as it takes, to make them comfortable and confident about how to use their new equipment, as well as a direct cell-phone number to their personal installer so that important issues may be resolved quickly, easily and without stress.
“Impact Home Technology was exactly what we were looking for — young and passionate about their trade, and they listened to us instead of selling at us,” praised the Leightons of Berlin. “They created a very clean, simplistic and highly functional design filled with all of the latest technology. They consistently delivered on their commitments to quality, reliability and timeliness. We also like the fact that they are local, owned by the same people who actually do the work, and they are always accessible should we ever have a question or additional needs. We recommend them in the highest possible terms.”
While the talented team at Impact are experts at delivering state-of-the-art components from the world’s leading manufacturers, they feel that many in their industry make the mistake of placing too much emphasis on so-called high-end quality at the expense of ease of use.
“Many people are not only a little wary of cutting-edge technology and how to use it,” Ryan shared, “they often spend unwisely. Instead of investing all your money into a single high-end component, we can show you how to 
distribute your investment to create a more complete, functional and ergonomic system that will ultimately deliver a much more satisfying ownership experience overall. In other words,” he added with a wink, “we will get you the most Impact for your dollar.”
Level-headed spending strategies and ergnomics are big themes at Impact, which regularly installs the most sophisticated, top-of-the-line home-automation systems, from companies like Elan and others. The vaunted Elan g system, for example, allows you to integrate such diverse systems as TV, sound, lighting, HVAC and home-security systems — including cameras and monitors — with a single central controlling mechanism, like an iPad, iPhone or hand-held remote control, for maximum efficiency and ease of use.
Another thing Impact has done over the years is expand its product line to meet consumer demand. Sure, you can still get the hottest new flat-screen HD 3-D TV and sound system there, but the progressive company can also help you with things such as motorized shades, lighting control systems and full home-security setups — basically anything and everything electronic that the 21st century home needs to be complete.
You might think that all this vast technology and expertise comes at a prohibitive price. But, Goodwin emphasized, nothing could be further from the truth.
“Some people assume that because we’re independent and offer this high-end customer service that our prices are higher,” Ryan said, “but the fact is, our prices are extremely competitive; we even offer things like promotional financing options, so cost is not a reason to be shopping somewhere else.
“And this really comes down to the central philosophy I had when I created Impact Home Technology,” he continued, “which boils down to this: We are 100 percent committed to giving our customers an informed, educated, full-service experience, based on personalized, real-world factors and considerations. We want to ensure that all of their wants and needs are met in the most straightforward and manageable ways possible.
Ryan invites you to visit their showroom in the Purnell Center on Rte. 50. While you’re there, speak with them about all the exciting new options available in green technology and energy-saving home-automation systems.

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