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Two retired government insiders from Sussex County give their answer to Tom Clancy in their new e-book spy thriller, Code Name Rustler

Available through all major booksellers, Code Name Rustler is a new e-book espionage thriller written by a pair of Sussex County authors who really seem to know the ins and outs of the game — and well they should. Douglas Sipple received an appointment from the U. S. Treasury Dept., with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, as a special agent. The majority of his work was with guns and explosives cases. Sipple was also a liaison officer for background and security information for the Washington, D.C. field office to the Central Intelligence Agency. His co-author (and chum since elementary school) Charles Wolstenholme, is an Air Force veteran who was trained in gunnery and bombing electronics. He’d trained on T-33/F80, F86 and F100 fighter bombers as well as B-57 bombers. He was deployed to Vietnam and later Formosa, where he was on alert-ready F100 aircraft loaded with nuclear bombs. As such, the authors would certainly seem to possess greater insight when it comes to these abstruse subjects than the typical author of the genre, making Code Name Rustler that much more likely to ring with authenticity.
A novel about Cold War intelligence, dangerous defections, KGB moles and CIA operations, Code Name Rustler is also the story of Soviet nuclear engineer Zelta Rensky, who is planning to highjack a U.S. nuclear submarine in order to defect to the States. Zelta is on a treacherous chase from Moscow to Cuba and back again as she meets and comes to love a like-minded Russian doctor. Together, they work frantically to outwit the KGB, Cuban military and, before it’s over, even her estranged brother, Joseph, who had worked for the CIA.
Now, thanks to the e-book revolution, the authors were able to wrest the 500-page hardcopy manuscript from the desk drawer in which it had been languishing for so long. 
Lenegrin author Jonathan D. Scott is on record as saying, “When they coined the phrase ‘page-turner,’ they must have been thinking about Code Name Rustler. Sipple and Wolstenholme have written a novel so compellingly realistic, I wondered if it was a true story. This book is a ticket into a terrifying yet irresistible world of intrigue and love.”
Not done with their literary adventures, Sipple and Wolstenholme have penned a sequel, titled Rustler’s Vengeance, which is scheduled for release in the coming months. 
For more information about these e-books and these two hometown authors, visit BlackLabPublishing.net
By Douglas E. Sipple and Charles Wolstenholme
Print Length: 221 pages. (2011) $9.95.

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