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Vantage Resort Realty has become a major player in the competitive Ocean City vacation rental market

Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: Stephen Cherry

Ocean City is a hotspot when it comes to vacation rentals. It is a potentially lucrative but often savagely competitive marketplace for those trading in real estate. How, then, did Vantage Resort Realty, in just four short years, arise as one of the largest, most successful vacation rental agencies in the area? Coastal Style sat down with the company’s president and co-founder, Brooke Pfautz, to find out just how they’ve skyrocketed to the top of their field. Their achievements boil down to three significant elements: the little things, the big things and the outside-the-box things.
“Vacation rentals have been part of this community for such a long time, I felt it was vital to come to this area with a fresh perspective,” said Pfautz, “and I think that’s exactly what we’ve managed to do.”
So, what makes Vantage Resort Realty’s perspective different?
Quality assurance consultations: Whenever someone wants to list their property as a vacation-rental offering, Vantage sends a quality-assurance coordinator to meet with the owners to help determine what efforts will maximize the attractiveness and marketing of the property.
Marketing: “Every owner wants two things when they decide to make their property a vacation rental,” said Pfautz. “One is that their place be well taken care of; the other is the maximization of their rental income. In order to achieve this, we’ve put together an aggressive and sophisticated marketing campaign unlike any this area has ever seen.” 
Vantage Resort Realty owns 10 distinctive Internet domains and websites that are all interconnected, constantly updated and designed specifically to attract eligible guests. VRR also has strategically partnered with other key sites that, in concert, receive a mind-boggling 51.5 million hits each month. VRR employs its own search-engine marketing specialist and maintains staff dedicated exclusively to monitoring and promoting their properties through the most active and result-driven social-networking outlets. This marketing investment has paid off — it generated over 35,000 Internet inquiries over 
a 4-month period this past spring and summer. Guest benefit incentives. “When developing our guest-benefit incentive package,” said Pfautz, “we used places like The Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons and Waldorf Astoria as models for what we wanted to offer our guests here.”
As a guest at any of VRR’s vacation-rental properties, you’re eligible for a bevy of amenities, making you feel as if you’re vacationing at a four-star hotel. A free concierge service for dining recommendations, reservations and tee-time bookings are standard fare. Additionally, guest renters receive a starter amenity package that includes soaps, detergent, Starbucks coffee, bathroom tissue and paper towels. Daily newspaper delivery is right to the doorstep. VRR offers a temporary gym membership at World Gym in Ocean City. And guests can have the option of a fresh linen service. 
Perhaps the best pampering of all is a grocery-delivery service, allowing guests the luxury of pre-ordering online with Harris Teeter for delivery directly to their vacation unit so that the visitors’ grocery list is filled and awaiting them, in their unit, fully stocked when they arrive.
Personalized inspection service: One of the key benefits of placing your property in the hands of Vantage Resort Realty comes in what happens after your guests have left. VRR sends a property inspector to your rental home. In the event of any problem, VRR will contact you immediately, alert you to the issue and begin the process of rectifying the matter.
“We instituted that policy so that our clients can relax and enjoy their time away from their home down here; because we consider ourselves their eyes and ears on the ground, so to speak, and we protect and preserve their properties as if they were our own,” Pfautz said.
Other features: VRR uniquely offers what they call a “sunny-days guarantee.” Meaning, that if it rains buckets on four of the seven days of a guest’s stay, they can get up to $500 slashed from the price of their next vacation booking with Vantage.  
VRR offers an exclusive benefit for its property owners only — access to a network of over 1,500 top-quality rental properties around the continent, with rates discounted as much as 50% and as low as $299 per week. The network includes Orlando, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Hawaii, South Carolina, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and properties in the Caribbean. 
Pfautz said that Vantage Resort Realty is always looking for prime properties to add to its roster. Locally, his company has had substantial results with upmarket locations such as 
Sunset Island, Belmont Towers, The Meridian and many others.
For owners who possess a midscale or upscale rental property that’s in immaculate condition, Vantage Resort Realty is eager to provide the ultimate in property management and earning potential. Vantage Resort Realty is licensed in Maryland and Delaware, and four other states. 
Pun intended, in the extremely competitive world of higher-end rental management, you’d really find VRR to be quite advantageous.

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