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Veronica Correa, LCSW-C Licensed clinical social worker and certified hypnotherapist
Veronica Correa, LCSW-C Licensed clinical social worker and certified hypnotherapistNEW ALTERNATIVESNEW ALTERNATIVESNEW ALTERNATIVES



Veronica Correa shares her sentiments to establish a healthy mind, body and spirit that begins with the New Year and lasts a lifetime

Written By: Veronica Correa, LCSW-C

Most of us begin each New Year with a resolution (whether we say it out loud or keep it to ourselves). We all want to be healthier, lose unwanted pounds, become more goal-
oriented and feel more energetic in our daily lives.  
Most of us know what we should do. We have been told (or have read) that we should eat well, exercise and get enough rest. “Think positively!” we hear the experts say. But the fact is, the vast majority of us are unable to follow through with our New Year’s resolutions, leaving us no better off than where we’d started, and sometimes even worse. 
Why is this? What are we missing? The answer is a mind, body and spirit approach to feeling great and achieving our goals. This sounds cool and positive, but what does it really mean? Do you know how to connect these three in a way that is simple, effective and inexpensive?
Many of us believe that if we have enough will power we’ll get there. We think that the mind can push the body to get things done and that we can take care of spirit later. The problem is, it doesn’t work in the long run. Sure, we can have great short-term success without spirit, but can we sustain it over time? Not likely. Chances are some area of 
our lives will pay the price; often, it is our health or relationships.
When the heart and the mind are at odds, it is always the mind that wins. Our human will trumps the spirit. The heart, the home of our spirit, is very gentle and subtle. It needs to be cultivated and nurtured, like a beautiful garden, to be strong and overcome the mundane urges of the mind and immediate needs of the body. 
You want to be in a place where the spirit encourages the mind, and the mind drives the body. As you begin to achieve this natural heart-and-mind balance, you will discover that 
eating healthy foods, exercising and staying focused on your goals actually becomes natural and fun. You’ll find that your relationships become more positive because your satisfaction with life doesn’t depend on anyone else’s behavior. 
You will see the results your new spirit will produce. You will feel centered and grounded; you can easily trust others and, most important, you will make decisions that will sustain your wellbeing throughout your life.
So, how do you do it? To begin, just follow these steps:
First: Define what principles you want to be driven by. This helps eliminate the tendency to react to what comes your way based on what you think may be right at the moment. 
Principles are timeless; thus, they carry you through good times and bad. One of my principles is excellence, and for everything I do, I ask myself, “Was that done with excellence? Can others say I did that with excellence?” I plan with excellence in mind. Excellence and two other principles guide my choices and my daily actions. Making decisions based on principles eliminates regrets, guilt and bad choices.
Second: Develop habits based on principles. These two are very unique to each person, and it requires that you know yourself and what drives you. Good habits take you places.
Third: Reflect, reflect, reflect until you get it right, right right! And after reflecting, make the necessary changes. Always be open to what is new and exciting.
Veronica Correa, LCSW-C is a licensed clinical counselor and life coach. To learn more about Veronica or her services visit: www.health-and-hypnosis.com or call her at 410-742-6016.

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