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Lewes resident Diane Mullins raves about her experiences at Peninsula Plastic Surgery led by Vincent Perrotta, MD and Christopher Pellegrino, MD

Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: Stephen Cherry

Let’s face it: Surgery is stressful. It’s also one of the most vulnerable situations any of us will ever place ourselves in voluntarily. 
For nearly two full decades, replacing feelings of stress and anxiety traditionally associated with plastic surgery with trust and comfort have been chief objectives of Doctors Vincent Perrotta and Christopher Pellegrino of Peninsula Plastic Surgery.
“Actually ‘relationship’ is the key word,” said Dr. Pellegrino. “We feel that if someone is going to trust themselves to our care, they need to be secure that we are totally here for them — from the initial consultation, through the procedure itself and afterward — and that means establishing a solid relationship between them and this practice from the outset.”
Drs. Perrotta and Pellegrino have been faithfully establishing these relationships since Peninsula Plastic Surgery first opened its doors. Thousands of satisfied patients have voiced their approval of the doctors’ talents and professionalism by providing testimonials, referring them to family and friends and returning for subsequent treatments and procedures. 
“When choosing a plastic surgeon, my main consideration was comfort and trust,” said Diane Mullins, a proud patient of Dr. Perrotta’s. “I wanted a doctor I could speak openly with, confident his suggestions were for my best interest. Living a healthy lifestyle, I prefer to look natural with little makeup. He was the perfect fit for me, bending toward the conservative side, enhancing my appearance without changing my looks.  
“The entire Peninsula Plastic Surgery staff made me feel well cared for and pampered,” Mullins continued. “Dr. Perrotta and his assistants are warm, friendly and dedicated. Every small detail was considered and arranged to make my experience more pleasant. The nurses have caring personalities, and make sure every need is met and you're without pain or discomfort.  
“Looking my best helps me feel more confident and happy,” Mullins said. “I'm often told I look younger and people are surprised to find out my daughter is 33. I credit this to a healthy lifestyle and Dr. Perrotta's professional skills. I have and will continue to recommend him to my family and friends.”
“Dr. Pellegrino does not deserve five stars, he deserves six,” proclaimed Susan Trombino of Ocean Pines. “He is unbelievable. I had liposuction of my neck and hips and a mini-facelift. I also get Botox and Juvederm. I love the way I look and couldn’t be happier. All the staff are beautiful and wonderful; they are so caring, and now they are my friends!”
The process begins from the moment you walk through the doors of their striking 6,600 sq. ft. facility. Instantly, the soothing aesthetics of their Renaissance-inspired interior help put you at ease. The European luxury spa feeling is reinforced through Classical artwork, period architectural elements and the smooth hues and textures that shape the building’s ambience.
Immediately, you are paired with PPS’ dedicated aesthetic coordinator, whose task it is to answer all your questions and navigate you through your procedure from beginning to end and beyond. In what can otherwise be an ocean of uncertainty, the aesthetic coordinator is your guide of stability.
Ultimately, you spend time with either of the two physicians, both of whom represent yet another level of reassurance. Friendly and approachable, Drs. Pellegrino and Perrotta come with extensive, elite credentials. The office’s Mediterranean-styled walls are lined with pedigrees from such world-renowned institutions as Johns Hopkins, Temple University, Penn State and Georgetown. Dr. Perrotta was a former instructor at Temple University who has been published in five national journals during his tenure. But even he would be the first to tell you, it’s not just from where you graduated that counts.
He advises, “It’s vitally important to have the proper licenses and certifications. With any cosmetic surgery procedure, for example, you have to make sure the doctor is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery specifically.”
In order to qualify for such board certification, a surgeon must have not only the prerequisite years of experience in his or her specific field, but they must pass rigorous written and oral exams. Those examinations are designed to challenge physicians to the limits of their expertise, ensuring that only the most skilled and knowledgeable practitioners become certified. When you compare the level of training and proficiency that board-certified physicians possess compared with those who “more or less dabble in cosmetic surgery,” it quickly becomes clear that taking a chance on a physician without the proper credentials is both dangerous and defiant of the risks involved. 
Peninsula Plastic Surgery is considered one of the leaders in the area on breast augmentation, reduction, lifts and reconstruction. They offer numerous types of liposuction, from conventional and power-assisted to laser liposuction.
PPS is also known for initiating treatments and procedures to the Eastern Shore. 16 years ago, they began perfecting the art of “fat grafting,” the process of transferring unnecessary body fat from one ample area to another where it’s needed or wanted for cosmetic purposes. The PPS surgeons are experts in administering products such as Juvederm and Botox. Currently, they’re also using Fraxel, a revolutionary laser treatment that can effectively remove years from your appearance and eliminate or reduce damage from a variety of external and environmental sources. 
What the doctor duo hasn’t introduced or perfected, they’ve created. Procedures like their “mini-facelift,” which consistently delivers more comprehensive, sophisticated and longer-lasting results than similar procedures that claim successful face lifting. PPS touts a full spectrum of facial rejuvenation and body enhancement techniques.
Peninsula Plastic Surgery also offers patients an extensive menu of other services at the Renaissance Med Spa; like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, LHE hair removal, Medi-Facials and Photo-Facials. PPS also provides a camouflage makeup department, run by a certified medical aesthetician.
A fitting complement to the doctors’ unmatched experience and skilled hands is the firm’s 1,600 sq. ft. ultra-modern surgery center. Peninsula Plastic Surgery is the only plastic surgery practice on the Eastern Shore to have one. Certified by both the AAASHC and Medicare, the Center for Aesthetic Surgery contains three private recovery areas that not only streamlines and facilitates the procedures themselves, but also delivers patients privacy and individual comfort.
In downtown Salisbury, Maryland, Doctors Perrotta and Pellegrino have fashioned a truly comprehensive plastic surgery center. Their talents and commitment to environmental harmony of space have created a unique, very personal experience for anyone stepping through their doors. 
Those efforts serve to define the quality of service and the level of exceptional discretion. It’s the raising of the bar that has earned PPS its unparalleled distinction and reputation in the region.

Melody Rose
Posted On: 1/5/12 5:11 pm
I started going to Dr. Perrotta because my daughter works there and spoke so highly of him. I continued to go to him because of the Doctor he is. He is a warm and caring Doctor who is very knowledgeable. I not only go there to see Dr. Perrotta, but also have been to the Med Spa, and let me just say it is AMAZING! I had a facial done, and not only did I leave with my skin feeling wonderful, but my make-up done. And the best thing, a muscle that had caused me pain in my neck and upper back is now relaxed and pain-free. PPS is one of the best plastic surgery practices out there! Try them out!!!