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Tips to help you find the perfect vacation house rental that exceeds your expectations

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As soon as the celebrating and festivities of the holiday season pass, we look ahead to several long months of winter. My mind instantly begins to dream of a vacation in a warmer climate, or if you embrace winter, your dream is of gracefully skiing down a mountainside. I have a golden rule of travel: I won’t spend a night anywhere that isn’t as comfortable as my own home. Since I am an interior designer, that means not just a comfortable place to rest my head but also a place that has a well-designed interior. It means a well-appointed, comfortable house that that allows us to entertain friends or family with ease.

Making the choice to rent a comfortable house rather than a sterile hotel room allows you to temporarily become a part of the community, as if you were a resident, not just a visitor. For example, it has been my lifelong dream to live in California. My husband doesn’t share my dream, so when we do visit, I prefer to rent a house in a town. This allows me to get the feel of being a local, shopping the farmers markets, getting coffee at the local coffee shop, my kids riding bikes through town. Renting a house really allows this temporary amnesia to happen, and for a while, you really think you live there.

The next and perhaps most daunting step is how to find that perfect house -- the house that is going to meet all your expectations and allow your dreams to become a reality. There are so many websites showing so many properties. How can you really know they are as wonderful as they want you to believe? If you have the time and resources, you could narrow your search to a few select properties, then take a weekend and tour them before renting. Alternatively, you could turn to a trusted design professional to do the selection for you. Just such a website exists; it is called VacationHouseReview.com.

VHR is a website with a selection of homes to rent around the globe. Each of these homes has been selected and reviewed by its creators, an interior designer and an architect. Each must meet a list of strict design criteria to be posted on the site. Homes are rated not just on their amenities but also how well the interiors are designed and how comfortable they would be for a wide range of client criteria. Do you want to host a dinner party for 12? Do you want a state-of-the-art kitchen? Do you need an outfitted office in which to work while you are away? Perhaps you are looking to rent a large home for a family reunion or wedding.  

When you have found that perfect home to rent, Vacation House Review puts you directly in touch with the property manager, homeowner or Realtor responsible for renting that home. It is just that simple: They do the research and legwork for you. Here is what Linda Smith of Villas by Linda Smith, consistently named a top villa-rental specialist by Condé Nast Traveler, said about Vacation House Review: “With VacationHouseReview.com, homeowners who have invested in quality architecture and design now have the ability to capitalize on the unique features of their property on a website that targets design-savvy, sophisticated renters.”

Vacation House Review also has a sister company, Vacation Interiors (www.vacationinteriors.com). Vacation Interiors specializes in the interior design of vacation properties around the U.S. They understand the demands of vacation properties, whether they are for rental purposes rental or kept for the private use of the owner. Vacation homes must withstand the rigors of heavy use but also wear well and live comfortably. They must also incorporate the latest interior finish materials and interior furnishings specifically designed for this type of use. The designers at Vacation Interiors strive to design well-appointed homes that are not only durable but elegant and restful for their occupants.

Do you own a vacation rental property you would like to have considered by Vacation House Review for site submission, or do you have a vacation property in need of updating? Please contact us at www.vacationinteriors.com.

Editor’s note
: Erin Paige Pitts is an interior designer who owns and operates her namesake design firm, Erin Paige Pitts Interiors, from her studios on Gibson Island and Bethany Beach. Recently named as one of the “Top 20 Young Designers to Watch in 2010” by Traditional Home Magazine, Erin serves as the Design Editor for Coastal Style Magazine and will share her talents and insight in every issue. Email Erin at erin@erinpaigepittsinteriors.com.


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