January-February 2010 | MATTERS OF THE HEART




Kristin Mallery captures unique images of hearts through her photography

Written By: | Photographer: Brittany Krempel

What do a crumpled up Dunkin Donuts bag, fireworks, bubble bath suds and a parking meter all have in common? They all are “hearts” in Salisbury native and Berlin 
resident Kristin Mallery’s photography collection, Hearts Happen. 
Some people see a glass as half empty and others see it as half full. Some people focus on the challenges they can’t control and others on the how to affect change in their lives. Some people find four-leafed clovers every time they take a stroll and others have never been quite that lucky. Likewise, most people see a wrinkled up grocery store receipt on the ground and think of it as garbage, but not Kristin Mallery – at least not the time she photographed it for her Hearts Happen collection which she displays every day at www.heartshappen.com.  
“I am not a collector of heart shaped things at all...it's the found beauty I love,” says Kristin. She sees things during everyday life that most of us would miss – or dismiss – as insignificant, or at the very least certainly not photo-worthy. But the heart images she has captured have easily convinced her fans that so much more exists beyond the obvious, if we only take the time and employ the proper perspective to see it. 
And fortunately for those who don’t see the everyday beauty in life as easily as Kristin does, she shares her photos for us to enjoy on her website as well as in a variety of products that she offers for sale every day, currently including magnets, magnet boxed sets, bookmarks, games, prints and note cards – and hoping to soon add to this list wedding products such as invitations, save the date cards and party favors. She even aspires to compile a collection of her favorites into a photography book. When enjoying Kristin’s photos, it’s important to know that none of her hearts are set up, altered or injured in any way before she photographs them. They are as genuine as Kristin – and as memorable.  
Fitting as it is, Mallery’s current favorite heart in her collection is the Grateful Heart – a plastic bag with thank you printed all over it which had blown up against a chain-link fence – into the shape of a perfect heart. Soon to take over in that top spot is a special heart that she found on Assateague Island, that she will unveil after her wedding this May. 
In the meantime, Kristin can be found at a variety of art shows and art sales in the area. She is pleased that her prints will be on display at The Globe in Berlin from January 8-March 7. Kicking off this show is the Artist Reception for Berlin Art Stroll on Friday, January 8 from 5–7pm, where she’ll be offering many of her creations for sale. 
When asked how frequently she finds hearts, Kristin says, “I’d say they occur almost every day – most of which are not worthy of being on a note card or in print.” But she always has her camera with her – ready to find the ones that do look great – as we can see from her extensive collection. “I did find a ton after I landed my first show,” she said. “I think it was the universe telling me that I was onto something and to stay focused. Which I did, and I’m forever grateful.”

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