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Want to give your kids a treat that doesn’t ship from some overseas factory or roll off a cold, distant assembly line – something that expresses your child’s unique personality with fun and beauty seven days a week, 365 days a year? If so, local artist and entrepreneur Kim Decker just might be the answer.
Decker founded McKenna Moon Kids in 2007, following a home project for her daughter, McKenna, that had some unexpected results.
“I’d spent the previous six years running a successful pottery studio,” Decker said, which I’d decided to close in order to spend more time with my family and to concentrate more fully on designing and building our family’s home. While working on my daughter’s bathroom, I decided I wanted to make it something unique and fun, something that would stand out and that she would enjoy for years while growing up in the house.”
“So I decided to indulge my creative impulses,” she continued, “and wound up painting a mermaid on the porcelain sink, added hand-painted tiles to the countertop and sculpted some drawer pulls for the vanity.”
McKenna’s brand-new customized bathroom generated so much enthusiasm and interest that within two years the Salisbury University degree holder with a concentration in, of all things, microbiology found herself with a brand-new cottage industry on her hands in addition to the residue of drying clay.
So, in July 2007, McKenna Moon Kids was born. Named for Decker’s firstborn and the middle name of her second child, Sophia Moon, the popularity of the business and the demand for its products has been swelling beyond imagination every year since its inception.
Today, McKenna Moon Kids offers a bevy of handcrafted products virtually guaranteed to make your children’s living spaces a one-of-a-kind work of personalized art. Especially popular among Decker’s clientele are the drawer pulls, sinks, clocks, accent tiles, light-switch plates, wastebaskets and themed sets – all of which are sculpted and/or painted by Decker herself.
“I never imagined that what I started out doing as a personal project of love for McKenna would be so popular,” admitted Decker, who has since added six-month-old-daughter Logan to the brood. “But I’m really happy it has. It gives me tremendous pride and satisfaction being able to bring beauty into other people’s homes and lives while simultaneously expressing my artistic side so fully.”
September will have been an especially good month for Decker, who not only has the distinction of being featured among the jury-selected artists at the 31st annual Bethany Beach Boardwalk Arts Festival on the 12th, but again one week later at the Fall Tent Show at the Beach Cottage in Ocean View.
Meanwhile, rumor has it that for the right client, Decker can still be lured away from her 800 sq. ft. custom-built, natural-oak studio (which was built from scratch by her father on her Berlin property) to do your entire house – making it a Decker signature home, as it were.
But for those who prefer the traditional shopping experience, McKenna Moon Kids’ products may be found locally at Bruder Hill in Berlin and Kendall Home Furnishings in West Ocean City. Her work is also available on her website.
McKenna Moon Kids

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